“If not now, then when?”

This is a motivating, inspiring, and entertaining with an emphasis on making a connection with kids and calming the classroom

The biggest unchallenged assumption by many today about education is that kids are coming to school willing and ready to learn. As educators, we know this is not the case. We have a generation of kids coming to our schools basically un-socialized. Many students are learning behavior from Beavis and Butthead, MTV, Bart Simpson, Jersey Shores and a myriad of other influences. There’s not much we can do from 4:00 PM until 8:00 AM but there is a lot we can do from 8:00 AM until 4:00 PM. Jim Bob will help your staff get ready for the classroom with take-away strategies that:

  • can be implanted immediately
  • help avoid power struggles in the classroom
  • empower teachers to handle challenging student behavior
  • equip teachers to handle larger class sizes
  • equip teachers to teach-to expected classroom behavior
  • results in more instruction time
  • lifts morale and greatly improves job satisfaction

“Avoid the traps that turn your students off!”

Motivating, inspiring, and entertaining with an emphasis on the fact that students have different modalities of learning and getting rid of the “one-size fits all” approach.

Students come into our classrooms and schools with different backgrounds and cultures and their cognitive abilities, assets and experiences are just as wide ranging.  Sometimes the only thing students have in common is their age! Fair does always mean equal – sometimes we need to go an extra step for a student.  When one lesson resonates with one student but not with another, we owe it to that student to offer the learning in many different approaches to help them receive it in their strengths and abilities. Jim Bob will help your staff get ready for the classroom with take-away strategies that:

  • give teachers practical methods to build interest and motivation with their students
  • grab and keep student interest
  • are fun and divergent ways of learning
  • motivate the unmotivated
  • develop critical thinking in the student’s approach to learning
  • can be modified for all kids and communities
  • help teachers become real to their students


“Mr. Solsbery spoke to approximately 975 staff members of Mt. Pleasant ISD on August 19, 2014. His message was very well received, and he was as funny as anyone I have ever seen. Mr. Solsbery understands what differentiated instruction is, and our staff really enjoyed listening to his message. I would unconditionally recommend Jim Bob Solsbery to anyone.” 

Judd Marshall

Superintendent, Mt. Pleasant ISD

“Jim Bob Solsbery was “real and down to earth”. The teachers laughed more than I heard them laugh in awhile. He related to them in a way by not “getting on them” or talking down to them. Jim Bob delivered valuable insight into teaching and very practical strategies that teachers could take back to their classroom and immediately use. A breath of fresh air!”

Kenneth Stein

Deputy Superintendent, Bellville ISD


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